Boiler Room Recording

My set at Boiler Room Berlin is now up:

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Boiler Room

I’ll be appearing on the Boiler Room next week alongside Function, Cassegrain, Henning Baer and Born in Flamez.

Boiler Room

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‘Monad XVII’

Out now on Stroboscopic Artefacts.

‘Always mind blowing sonics.’ – Luke Slater
‘Sounds good as ever.’ – Resident Advisor
‘These sound great, very into the Eomac album so great to hear more.’ – The Wire
‘Couldn’t be a bad one, I guess. His debut LP is one of the best in 2014 so far.’ – Groove
‘Fantastic release.’ – Brendan Moeller

Buy Monad XVII here.

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Killekill Showcase @ Moulin Rouge, Paris

Some footage from my recent Paris show.

Eomac – Crackts
Fabrizio Lapiana – Eisfabrik (Voices From The Lake Remix)
Djrum – Tailing

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‘Spectre’ LP – OUT NOW!!

Limited Transparent

…a bit of a classic… It’s full of electronic noise that’s just a little bit more palpably there than most other music, and all the more exciting for it.‘ – Joe Muggs, FACT.

…if you can take the heat, McDonnell will burn you to a crisp.‘ – Andrew Ryce, RA.

…as a whole body of work everything is united under the banner of ghoulish sound design and morose musicality. In the end, that balance of diversity and cohesiveness is what make a great album.‘ – Oli Warwick, Juno Plus.

Buy it now from:

Hard Wax

…and all the other usual outlets.

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‘Crackts’ Video

Thanks to 29th Nov Films once again:

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Download the Podcast:

Read the interview here.

1. Lakker – Asvattha [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
2. Eomac – Clap Your Hands Pt.2 [Maigret Records]
3. Actress – Corner [Werk Discs]
4. Haf Haf – Hybrid [Gang Of Ducks]
5. Redrose – Now Thing [Soul Jazz Records]
6. Evian Christ – Waterfall [Tri Angle Records]
7. Imugem Orihasam – It ain’t assertion when only what they have scope to make it (Eomac remix) [forthcoming Bedouin Records]
8. JT Stewart – SWFYSU [Indische Buurt]
9. Eomac – Rainmaker [Forthcoming Killekill]
10.Streetwalker – Ooze (Silent Servant remix) [Diagonal Records]
11. D. Edwards – Untitled [The Death of Rave]
12. DJ Mujava – Township Funk (DJ Nonsense Mix) [Warp]
13. Clap! Clap! – Tambacouna’s White Magic [Black Acre]
14. Eomac – The Cure [Candela Rising]
15. Voices From The Lake – Sentiero [Forthcoming The Bunker NYC]
16. Eomac – Crackts [Forthcoming Killekill]
17. Haf Haf – Notch [Gang Of Ducks]
18. Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir – Fact of the Matter [Rush Hour]
19. Eomac – Tribs [Candela Rising]
20. James Ruskin – Wisdom of Youth [Blueprint]
21. Objekt – Balloons [Power Vacuum]
22. EDMX – I’m Rushing My Tits Off [Power Vacuum]
23. Lakker – Containing a Thousand [R&S Records]

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Imugem Orihasam [EOMAC REMIX] – Video

Video by 29Nov Films.

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‘Spectre’ – Video

Here’s the video for ‘Spectre’, the title track of my forthcoming album on Killekill.
Video by 29th Nov Films.

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‘Spectre’ – Album Artwork


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