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Eomac is a project from Irish composer and producer Ian McDonnell releasing genre-spanning electronic music via Planet Mu, The Trilogy Tapes, Bedouin Records, Killekill, Phantom Limb, Emika Records and more.

The Eomac sound draws from obscure samples and raw sound design in an ongoing exploration of intense, visceral music for body and soul. He has taken this sound across the globe in numerous live and DJ sets at festivals such as Unsound, Lunchmeat, MIRA and clubs like Berghain, Tresor and Circus Tokyo.

An active collaborator he has worked with a long list of musicians including: LAIR, Saint Abdullah, Arad, Paula Temple, Kyoka, MC Yallah, Demian Licht, Sean Carpio, Kamikaze Space Programme, Roger Doyle and many more.


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